Where is nano?

Development timeline of nanotechnology

Developments in nanotechnology
Developments in nanotechnology

Developments in nanotechnology have already found entrance in various areas. Classical nanoapplications are found e.g. in tires and catalysts. From discovery of special nanoeffects up to the widespread industrial implementation up to 15 years can pass. The table on the left shows selected examples from various branches.

Available products over time in various categories

Number of available products over time (since 2007) in each major category and in the Health and Fitness subcategories
© Vance et. al. (2015)
Nanoproducts in various fields and their development over time

Nanotechnology has found entrance in quite a few consumer products for our everyday life: from food packaging, textiles (easy-to-clean, antimicrobial), sun lotions, sports equipments like tennis rackets up to effective filters for water cleaning.

Source: Vance et. al., Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 2015, 6, 1769–1780.