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As an application-oriented service provider the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has recognized the signs of the times. By the foundation of the alliance nanotechnology almost all aspects of nanotechnology can be analyzed in cooperation with customers in order to develop new products and system solutions.

This begins with molecular modeling of nanostructures as a precondition for a specific material development, via chemical and physical methods to produce thin films, particles, fibers, and nanocomposites, process technology for nanomaterials to the point of production technology as well as testing of lifetime and reliability of nanosystems. Moreover, offers in nanoanalytics and assessment of trends in nanotechnology as cross section topic are added.

It is the aim of these activities to give all chances to the realistic development potential of the nanotechnology for application and realization, far from illusions and exaggerated hopes, and to offer Research & Development for the entire value-added chain of nanotechnological products.

value-added chain

The economic orientation is the guideline for the actions of the Fraunhofer Institutes of the Alliance; this can be seen in project-related cooperation with the commercial sector as well as in public projects and the founding of new companies.

Many Fraunhofer institutes are actively involved in national and European nanotechnology networks.


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