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Over 20 years of experience in conducting inhalation studies in rodents qualify this Department to meet even the high demands of complex investigations. State-of-the-art equipment allows various exposure atmospheres of gases and aerosols to be generated, for example fiber aerosols or complex mixtures such as automobile exhaust. Modern exposure units are available for nose-only and whole-body exposure of rodents. Core projects deal with the effects of poorly soluble particles in environmentally relevant atmospheres and after occupational exposure. Another focus is the investigation of the toxicokinetics of retained particles in the lungs and of mechanisms of toxic effects. Inhalation of nano particles on Rodents

In the past few years, not only fine particles but also engineered nanoparticles (< 0.1 µm) with their wide range of different applications have become a focus of interest in toxicology. Cross-departmental pilot projects have therefore been initiated at the Institute, aiming to establish robust, validated screening assays for assessing the toxic potential of this particle class.

In cooperation with other departments and working groups at the Fraunhofer ITEM, projects on inhalation exposure are carried out, including pre-clinical safety testing of pharmaceuticals and investigation of chemicals for the purpose of consumer protection. The know-how resulting from these projects enables industry to produce substances having a minimized hazard potential – the protection of consumers and their health, after all, being of ever increasing importance for product marketing.

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