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In the specific area of coating technologies for nano materials the Fraunhofer IPA meets the challenge to develop techniques with high process reliability under practical conditions.

In this connection process technology experiences from established applications of surface treatment and coating are of use but also new methods for surface activation and coating are developed. Similar objective is the achievement of a holistic understanding for the novel procedures and dependences of the nano material filming phenomenas in the field of industrial engineering.

In close cooperation with the production of nano materials alternating developments for nano materials and application techniques are actuated. Focal points of investigation are

  • Activation of workpiece surfaces; characterisation of surfaces with optical and analytical methods (AFM, TEM, et al.)
  • Characterisation of material properties regarding process technology (rheology, milage, reaction time, et al.)
  • Analysis of application ability (e.g. spray coating: particle size spectrum, flash off behaviour)
  • Specification of film formation (wetting, interlacing, et al.)
  • Practical coating tests up to implementation with specifically adapted techniques for application and drying/hardening (e.g. ultrasonic atomisation, dosing of least flow rates) implying measures for quality assurance.

Other investigations aim at minimisation of sensibility of nano materials in coating plants, concerning material compatibility, cleanability, et al.

Spin-Coating-Installation (Source: Rupp+Hubrach Optik GmbH)
Figure: Spin-Coating-Installation (Source: Rupp+Hubrach Optik GmbH)

Consequently exactly specified coating processes and plant components for the processing of nano materials can be planned, optimised and evaluated regarding technology and efficiency.

Examples are the development of a scratch resistant coating for spectacle lenses up to the start of production (see figure above) or the optimisation of electrostatic high rotation speed atomisation for application of sol-gel-coatings on brass fittings.

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