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Fraunhofer Nanotechnology Alliance

 Nanotechnology for Electronics

  Nanotechnology for Electronics

  Semiconductor Technology
  • process steps and methods for very-large-scale integrated circuits on Si (VLSI, ULSI) (cleanroom class 10, wafer sizes of up to 200 mm)
  • process technology for SiC
  • analysis and repair of prototypes of electronic components (sensors, power electronic devices, passives)
  • components for micro- and nanoelectronics, microsystem technology, power electronics, and high-temperature electronics on Si and SiC
  • implantation of dopants at low and high energy
  • production of thin dielectric and metallic layers, in particular MOCVD
  • nanostructuring (nanoimprint, "Focused Ion Beam")
  • printable electronics based on inorganic nanoparticles
  • qualification of gases and chemicals
  • analytics and metrology (for example: MOS, I(U), C(U), film resistor, mobility, doping profile, Hall effect, REM, TEM, x-ray analysis, line width, thickness, wafer flatness, and wafer warping)

  Semiconductor Manufacturing Equimpent and Methods
  • development, testing, evaluation, qualification, and optimization of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, production technology, and Equipment Assessment
  • characterization of equipment, components, and materials
  • Equipment-Assessment
  • control procedures (Feed-Forward, Feedback)
  • automation, Advanced Process Control, and improved process reproducibilit
  • optimization of yield, throughput, reliability, safety, energetical, and resource
  • accredited analytical laboratory for micro- and nanotechnology (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005)
  • contamination analytics: trace impurities on semiconductor and photovoltaic substrates, in process chemicals, process gases, and clean room environments (TXRF, AAS, ICP-MS, GCMS, FTIR, VPD-AAS)
  • 450 mm manufacturing
  • software engineering

  Technology Simulation
  • development of physical and chemical models, algorithms, and powerful simulation software for industrial and academic users
  • 2D/3D device simulation, circuit simulation
  • process simulation (ion implantation, diffusion, etching, and layer deposition)
  • powerful lithography simulation by rigorous modeling (Software Dr. Litho)
  • investigetion of process fluctuations
  • coupled electrical, thermal, mechanical, and metallurgical simulation
  • coupling of structure and equipment levels

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